Beautifully Refurbished Pianos

since 1977

 Available in our home in Kirkland, WA 

For an appointment please call 425 822 7110

or email

Yamaha P202 45" Studio Piano

Knabe Studio Piano

March, 2018
lease check back with us if you don't see what you are looking for.
More pianos available soon.

Kimball Continental Piano

Baldwin Hamilton Studio Piano
Dark Walnut

Samick Baby Grand Piano
High Gloss Ebony
Yamaha CG1 Grand Piano

Yamaha M2 Console Piano

Yamaha T116 Studio Piano

Yamaha 44" Piano

Young Chang High Gloss Ebony
Baby Grand Piano

Wendl & Lung 7'2" High Gloss Ebony Grand Piano
includes custom glass top and eight bar stools!

Boston 46 " (Steinway) Studio Piano

Everett (Yamaha) 45" Studio Piano

Welcome to Telford Pianos

I am a retired piano tuner and music educator and have several good quality used pianos for sale in our home in Kirkland. Each piano has been chosen by me personally and has been thoroughly reconditioned, tuned, voiced, regulated, polished and cleaned inside and out. I am the preferred supplier to local school districts, churches, music studios and teachers. Prices are competitive with private party sellers and lower than store prices. Beginners to professionals can find a piano which can be purchased with confidence, knowing that each piano will be trouble free.

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